Automation is considered as the driving force of the 20th and 21st centuries. By means of the in-depth know-how of our engineering office, we would like to support you in efficiently realizing your project – starting from planning and design to commissioning.

Visualization, bus systems, engineering, sensor technology, handling or control technology – all these disciplines are covered by our system house. To that effect, we promise you the highest quality from a single source.

Based on our extensive in-house experience, we are able to provide complex automation solutions that will help you to increase the performance potential of your corporation.


  • Thanks to many years of experience in the field of linkage systems for warehousing and packaging facilities, we are able to implement complex challenges adequate and quickly. Within the scope of automated conveyor systems, we are offering the full range of services which will bring your project from the field of interconnecting conveyor technology to life – starting from detailed planning while ending at on-site commissioning.
  • Beginning with commissioning your machinery at the virtual model, on-site commissioning phases will be decisively shortened which will get your production site up and running considerably faster.
  • In the context of manufacturing and assembly solutions, both the precision in handling and the consideration of correct cycle times are fundamental prerequisites for allowing the integration of individual production cells into the entire complex as desired. In the course of this, delays concerning the start of production (SOP) can be avoided during commissioning.
  • The term production control summarizes the detailed planning of individual operating procedures as well as the transfer of digital process data to the existing machinery. By using process control technologies (automation, measurement and control technology), methodical logics will be coupled to mechanical devices. Beginning with the automated synchronization of local working areas, the productive benefits of your entire manufacturing facility will unfold its unflawed potential by interacting with an optimized global control strategy.
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