We Work Around The World!

Being flexible for our clients means to us, to realize exciting projects all around the globe.

Emanating from our head office in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Carinthia / Austria), we predominantly operate in Central Europe.

Furthermore we have already been active in North America, South America, Africa and Asia as well.


From Europe …

Due to the international bias of our company, we were able to expand our fields of activity to various Central European countries / cities:


  • Austria: Graz, Linz, Amstetten, Steyr, Kapfenberg, Villach, etc.
  • Germany: München, Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Bremen, Ingolstadt, etc.
  • United Kingdom: Oxford, Durham, Liverpool, Birmingham, Lisburn
  • Russia: Moskau, St. Petersburg, Wladiwostok, Bratsk
  • France: Avignon, Saint-Amant-les-Aux
  • Switzerland: Solothurn, Neuendorf
  • Slovakia: Bratislava
  • Czech Republic: Mladá Boleslav
  • Denmark: Carlsberg
  • Nethetlands: ’s-Hertogenbosch
  • Finland: Aalto
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Sweden: Göteborg
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • Turkey: Bursa
  • Belgium: Aalter
  • Spain: Saragossa
  • Israel: Tel Aviv

… around the world!

In close collaboration with our project partners, we predominantly try to meet the needs of our international clients, who operate within various branches of the manufacturing industry (Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Lumber, Paper, Metal Processing, Food & Beverages, etc.).
Our receptive approach not only gives our company the opportunity to prove itself on a multinational level. The internationalization of our company’s operating area also promotes the development of our dedicated employees – helping them to deploy their skills and their creativity for their personal success and that of our business enterprise, while being operationally on duty in the below-mentioned destinations:

  • United States: Spartanburg, Fort Smith
  • Canada: Windsor
  • Mexico: Cuautlancingo
  • India: Neu-Delhi
  • South Korea: Seoul
  • China: Shanghai, Shenyang
  • South Africa: Pretoria, Port Elizabeth
  • Argentina: Córdoba
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • Egypt: Kairo


HATEC – We Work Around The World!

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